Monday, May 31, 2010

Satin Bowerbird couple comes snooping around #2

Here are photos of the male.

Satin Bowerbird couple comes snooping around #1

Apart from once seeing a female Bowerbird eating the tomatoes on the vegetable garden last year, I had no idea that they came foraging so far out of the forest. It seems they like the seed left in the bird trays, as well as any fruit they can find. Here are photos of the female. Unfortunately the pics aren't that good - I had to take them through the laundry window.

Newcomer sighted in the garden

This is the first time that I've seen a Grey Fantail in the garden - or, at least, recognised one as such, rather than a flash and flitter of grey in the shrubbery. There are several races of this species, and this one must be of the , which live throughout eastern Australia, favouring anywhere with plenty of trees and shrubs.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Galah feeding

We don't often see Galahs in the garden, although they are in the area. This one was game enough to come to the feeding tray near the kitchen window, which is usually used by the Rosellas, King Parrots and Sparrows. Then its friend came, but decided their wasn't room for two. Unfortunately the picture is blurred, but one gets the idea.

Grey-Shrike Thrush foraging

Blue Wrens aren't the only birds that like to forage in the veranda garden. And like the Wrens, the Grey Shrike-Thrushes especially like it in the cool weather. Perhaps it's because more grubs come to the surface of the soil, so they're easier to get at.